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Server-based computing and extreme VDI is still alive and kicking, harder and faster than ever.


Through the development of the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform®, Lean-On has taken the Citrix remote computing topology to a cutting-edge level when it comes to advanced desktop usage. Integrated into Lean-On´s version of the ultimate Hybrid Cloud-based infrastructure, the Application Accelerator and Citrix enables a perfect example of a combined (I)PAAS & DAAS solution.


The concept has changed the fundamental way, one of Denmark’s large industrial enterprises - BWSC A/S - runs its business operation today. The result is a game changer in increased agility and speed in their global workflows.


Citrix shows that being old doesn’t always mean being decrepit. Although the company was founded in 1989 and has experienced mixed success over the years, there is still a need for what are, at an essential and somewhat simplified level, terminal-based IT solutions.


BWSC develops, designs and establishes power plants all over the world. The challenge is that BWSC’s server is located in Allerød, while the “terminal” is located on the Philippines—at the other side of the world. Since headquarters in Allerød cooperate closely with the Philippine sister company, business-critical communications are exchanged daily between the two corners of the world. This calls for a setup that differs remarkably from a standard on-premise solution. To solve this challenge, BWSC established Lean-On’s Application Accelerator Platform in Allerød.

Shorter Response Times

BWSC works intensely with heavy engineering and computing applications. The company targets a global market, which means facing an intense global competition. Therefore, a minimization of project turnaround times is essential.

The solution was Lean-On’s Application Accelerator Platform, which reduces latency in calculations by up to 90 percent, even in complex CAD applications, such as Aveva PDMS.

Jens Andersen, IT Manager at BWSC, thrives in the fields of IT, organization, processes and infrastructure. He is interested in how IT can help support business processes and how to best help organizations adopt new technology.

We have known Citrix for decades. But this new solution from Lean-On allows us to support both graphics-heavy and latency-heavy applications. A user at our sister company in the Philippines is now able to handle graphics via a graphics card installed in our server room here in Denmark. This is a new and essential feature for us,” explains Jens Andersen, IT Manager at BWSC.