Søren Ankerstjerne, CEO of Lean-On, says that some members of his team have worked with Citrix for more than 25 years. He admits that Citrix has been severely criticized in the past; however, he also notes that often Citrix has not been to blame. Instead, problems have been caused by the IT backend infrastructure or by the Citrix implementation.

He adds that Lean-On has removed latency from the equation. Heavy latency may hide in different places; even if you have a fast switch, many package inspections may cause slower speeds. Therefore, in order to design and build the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform, it is important to understand and identify many network issues.

“A Citrix solution is based on the given foundation of a data center. If an application often reads and writes to a disc and the data center is slow at the same time, the entire solution will be slow. If you add unnecessary iterations of the application and increase the complexity of the data center, everything goes wrong,” Ankerstjerne explains.


He adds that the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform is about so much more than simply providing a quick and reliable IT solution for complex use cases. It also allows Danish companies to work efficiently with partners around the world, while simultaneously maintaining jobs in Denmark.

“We have learned how industrial applications, for processes such as CAD, function to be able to offer an attractive solution. With reduced latency of up to 90 percent, our mission has succeeded. In fact, with our Application Accelerator Platform, Citrix may be faster than a locally based workstation".

Søren Ankerstjerne, CEO of Lean-On.



BWSC employs approximately 600 employees, of whom 325 work at the headquarters in Allerød. The company is represented in six countries and has a turnover of 2 billion DKK. BWSC has grown significantly in recent years and currently involved in 11 new construction projects, among other initiatives. The company has succeeded in entering the UK market for biomass power plants to replace old coal-fired power plants. In addition to developing, designing and constructing power plants, BWSC also invests in some of its power plants as a co-owner (together with partners such as Pension Denmark).