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Jørgen Pedersen, IT Director EMEA – Babcock & Wilcox Vølund

“The Citrix technology and the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® and services have very much been a change project for our organization. In the change process the users should be able to see an improvement from the workday they are coming from, otherwise they will not be committed. As for management – they need to be able to see a fulfillment of their growth strategies in order to be committed. Globally, the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform has enabled that for us. We can now fulfill corporate growth strategies and improve productivity for the users, worldwide.”


The Challenge

Mid-2015 Babcock & Wilcox Vølund implemented an ambitious global growth strategy, largely depending on a high level of business agility in terms of growth both in the number of employees as well as mergers and acquisitions. With more than 700 employees and 40 business critical high-end engineering applications - workspace mobility, centralization and operational excellence were key drivers for realizing the growth strategies. A technical and organizational change project was needed.

The Change Project: Planning and Transformation

Babcock & Wilcox Vølund took action with all parties involved from management to the user. In the below use case, it is outlined how a change project became a success at all levels – from strategic to tactical and operational levels, with Citrix, the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® and services, as critical components.

Strategic Level

Increasing market demands to meet intense global competition, made management implement, prioritize and focus policies on the following strategies:

Enablement of:

  • A larger business agility

  • A global sourcing strategy

  • Growth in mobility and productivity

  • Operational excellence

  • Simplicity in mergers and acquisitions

Operational Level

The business does not earn money from maintaining infrastructure but from having users working effectively in the business-critical applications each and every day. Hence, on an operational level and on a day-to-day interaction, priorities are fully on maintaining a unique user experience that can keep the users productive and effective in their daily work tasks in the business-critical applications. This means keeping what you promise to the users, and having something better for the users, making their work-life easier and more effective. In order to enable great consistency in terms of the above, it was necessary to have the following workflows in place:


  • A structured and automated request for change workflow, for the IT environment in relation to the updates of all engineering software

  • A streamlined and secured lifecycle for all engineering software

  • Having streamlined user settings, going from difficult individual settings to standard default settings for the entire setup

  • Full documentation of all installation procedures

  • With the above centralization of procedures, increase the level of security against cyberattacks

Tactical Level

The goal was to implement an IT technical platform that could support the above strategic ambition. The above strategic ambition was broken down into the overall following procedures to be implemented:


  • Global sourcing of all types of knowledge workers independent of geography

  • Involvement of system owners and project owners

  • Fast delivery of desktops – enablement of a high-engineering desktops at a higher frequency

  • Fast on-boarding/off-boarding of new employees and contract workers no matter the location


Babcock & Wilcox Vølund found that the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® could fulfill all the requirements, and super users, the IT department and management all became involved in the process.

From Here

Lean-On and Babcock & Wilcox Vølund, have made transformation easy and users happy. When the entire HR legal and contractual procedure has been completed, 25 new knowledge workers can now be onboarded within a few hours, no matter the location, from Slovakia to India. 42 high-end engineering applications from graphic intensive Autodesk Inventor and PDMS to compute intensive HPC applications such as Rohr2 and Ansys Fluent are

running on the platform today.



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