- Delivered as a self-provisioning private cloud

The Application Accelerator Platform allows every single person in the group to work with the latest and most updated data, regardless of where they are in the world. The Application Accelerator Platform also helps to speed up communication with global project sites where new power plants are established.

In the past, BWSC ran applications on a virtual PC and afterwards sent screen dump updates to its global users. Now, however, its PCs communicate with the servers in Allerød in real time. According to Jens Andersen, this has proved to be a major business advantage.

“If you only need to look at a drawing, you can tolerate a small delay. But if you need to work with data simultaneously with others, the situation becomes problematic. We are now confident that our employees are working on the same version. Different design versions no longer need to be integrated. This is a huge logistical relief that has reduced the risk of errors. Our employees on the Philippines work as efficiently as our employees in Denmark”.

Jens Andersen, IT Manager at BWSC.


From an Empty Field to a Mobile Site

Jens Andersen adds that the Application Accelerator works so well and is so fast that it is popular even among employees at the local headquarters. He also notes that the system is excellent for employees working from home. In general, Lean-On’s solution has increased mobility and productivity, helping BWSC reduce non-productive time that was previously spent exchanging, controlling and updating files.

"When we build a power plant somewhere else in the world, we start with an empty field. An on-site hut is delivered for the project team with electricity and an internet connection. Then, the IT department delivers a box, which gives access to the Application Accelerator, and in a very short time, we are up and running. Of course, it does not always go this smoothly. Sometimes, we have had to establish a satellite connection. However, this is not optimal, since it may cause latency of up to one second, which the accelerator neither likes nor handles properly".

Jens Andersen, IT Manager at BWSC.


BWSC employs approximately 600 employees, of whom 325 are based at the headquarters in Lillerød.

From Milliseconds to Microseconds

The Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform is much more than a solution for handling latency-heavy traffic. It is a “data centre in a box”, providing access to disks in microseconds instead of milliseconds. Moreover, it optimizes the switch between the server and the graphic card server.

According to Jens Andersen, the implementation process has been smooth. The major hurdle for BWSC has been optimizing the fixed line between Allerød and the Philippines. For the entire system to work optimally, the latency must be under 240 milliseconds.

The configuration is redundant and fault tolerant, but only to a certain extent. If multiple disks and the CPU go down at the same time, the enterprise will experience downtime. Due to its rapid growth, BWSC has also been forced to review the performance of its entire IT infrastructure. Today, the system serves 50 percent more users than it did a few years ago.